KGR Legal Lessons: Education, Labor & Employment Recorded Trainings

The Indiana General Assembly has now concluded its work for the 2021 session, capped with an eye-popping and hopefully “transformative” budget.
We are here to help Indiana education leaders understand the new laws and identify action items. KGR is excited to announce that our Education & Public Policy team, led by Séamus Boyce & Taylor Hunter, will offer a library of on-demand videos starting with a debrief of the legislative session.
Others topics will cover a variety of legal issues to help our colleagues better understand the ever-changing legal landscape of education law, public policy and labor & employment. We want you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn in-depth information on topics such as Title IX, service animals, employee discipline and many more.
KGR’s Legal Lessons will enhance your organization’s understanding of the law, regulations and policies that impact you. Legal Lessons will also provide you practical tips for compliance and to keep you out of hot water.
Want to learn more? Sign up below or contact our office. We look forward to connecting and working with your team!

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